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4 Most Commonly Asked Questions when selling to Professional Cash Buyers

September 27th, 2023

At Evergreen Home Buyers we’ve been buying homes for cash for a while in Jacksonville, Florida.

And naturally, we get a LOT of questions.

Most homeowners aren’t familiar with selling to professional cash buyers and so they ask a lot of questions up front — which is good!

For people who might be curious but have never got around to asking, we thought we’d take a moment to answer some of the most commonly asked questions.

1. “Do you list my house on the MLS?” — Nope! As professional cash buyers, we’ll either buy the property ourselves or flip it to another cash buyer or rehabber. We don’t use real estate agents or list homes on the MLS.

2. “How do you determine what to pay for my house?” — We’ve been buying property in Jacksonville for quite some time, so we know how to run professional comps on a property. Things that are factored into an offer include location, repairs needed, and condition of the property. We’re always happy to explain why our offer is what it is.

3. “Do you charge fees or commission?” — Nope! There are absolutely no fees, no commissions, and no closing costs for you to pay. We’ll take care of everything and we’ll even buy your property as-is.

4. “How fast can you sell?” — We can make you a fair cash offer (no obligation) within 48 hours and close in as little as two weeks. You pick the closing date!

Hopefully that clears the air a bit.

If you have additional questions or want to get a fair cash offer on your property, give us a call at (904) 342-3216!

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I love Daniel. He has such a down to earth personality and is so helpful. Kim
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