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4 Tips to Make Moving to Another State Easier

November 30th, 2023

Thinking of moving to another state? That's awesome!

But obviously, it can be quite expensive.

And at Evergreen Home Buyers, we've helped a lot of people sell their homes quickly for a fair cash price in order to move in a timely manner.

Here are some simple moving tips we always give our clients for making the move as easy as possible.

1. Have a Moving Sale -- If you don't have a moving sale going, it’s really a good idea to start one. This means getting rid of everything that's not important or valuable. This will help eliminate extra stuff and also help make some additional money.

2. Pack Those Valuables in Bubble Wrap -- This is one of the best things to do to keep fragile, breakable, or valuable items free from harm when moving. When in doubt - wrap it!

3. Label The Boxes Properly -- It'd be such a mess if you arrived at your new home and the boxes weren't labeled or were labeled incorrectly. Make sure they're labeled properly so unpacking is easy!

4. Exercise Patience -- Moving takes patience and this means that the move may not happen as quickly as you want. Try not to get too stressed out about it and understand that moving is a process!

Hope that helps!

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