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5 Things to Do if You Suspect Your Tenants Are Smoking in Your Rental Property

November 10th, 2022

Owning a rental property where the tenants don’t follow your rules, such as no smoking indoors, can be a big headache. The constant smoke in your rental property will cause damage to the walls, carpet, and furniture, and it will even fog glass, leave residue on the walls, and create a stubborn odor that’s difficult to get rid of. Unfortunately, at Evergreen Home Buyers, we have seen this far too often, so here are 5 things to do if you suspect your tenants are smoking in your rental property so you can get the situation under control and stop the smoking tenants in their tracks.

1. Double-Check Your Lease Agreement
Before you jump straight into trying to talk to or even evict your tenants, you’ll want to double-check your lease agreement to ensure it specifies that the tenant is not allowed to smoke in your rental property. Many landlords will have this as a requirement in their lease agreement, and when they do, it makes it a lot easier to take action to stop the situation from continuing.

2. Talk with Your Tenants
Once you’ve checked your lease agreement, the next step is to talk honestly with your tenants about the issue. Let them know that it’s obvious they’ve been smoking in the home and ask that they please stop. Furthermore, if your lease agreement specifically forbids it, that’s worth mentioning as well. Try to work it out with your tenants personally first but remember that it may require further intervention.

3. Consider Eviction
If you’ve spoken with your tenants and they continue to smoke in your rental property, then it might be time to consider eviction. You deserve to have tenants who respect your rules and property, not ones that take advantage of the home and disregard the rules. When you serve the eviction notice, you can either do it yourself or have someone else do it for you.

4. Get Rid of Smoke Damage
Once you’ve evicted the problem tenants, it’s time to get rid of the smoke damage to prepare it for a new tenant. To remove smoke damage, you will likely need to add a fresh coat of paint, potentially new flooring, and maybe even update the appliances. In addition, anything fabric like curtains should be thoroughly washed (and still might need to be replaced), and you might consider bringing in a professional cleaning service to help revamp soft surfaces like the couches, for example.

5. Think About Selling the Home As-Is
Maybe you’ve realized being a landlord isn’t for you, or you just don’t want to deal with fixing all the issues caused by the smoking tenants and would rather cut your losses and sell the home as-is. At Evergreen Home Buyers, we are a team of professional home buyers based in Jacksonville, Florida, that buy houses just like yours as-is for cash, and we can close in as little as two weeks! We can even help you deal with evicting the tenants. So, for a completely quick and painless way to sell your home for cash faster, visit today.

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