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5 Things To Keep In Mind If You're Selling a Damaged Home

June 6th, 2024

Are you trying to sell a home with fire or flood damage?

At Evergreen Home Buyers we've helped lots of different people in Jacksonville sell their homes in a difficult situation.

And we wanted to offer a few pieces of advice. Because even though your home is damaged... doesn't mean you can't get a decent chunk of money when you sell.

Here are a few things to keep in mind:

1. Check With Insurance If you have homeowners insurance, check with them to see if they will cover any of the repairs... and if they will, then ask how much.

2. Repair Damaged Flooring/Walls/Etc Before you can sell your house on the MLS, buyers will expect you to repair any damage that the fire or flood caused, including flooring, ceiling, walls, windows, appliances, etc. The price of this will depend on how much damage there is and how much your insurance is willing to cover.

3. Don't Forget Smoke Damage A fire will also cause smoke damage that leaves stains and odors on the home. You can use a chemical sponge to remove this but be careful.

4. Watch Out For Mold Both fire and flood can cause mold to take hold, so make sure to keep an eye out for any mold damage and deal with it as soon as you see it.

5. Consider Selling To a Professional Homebuyer If all of this seems like too much work, we get it. We buy homes professionally in ANY condition and we pay cash. We can even close within 1-2 weeks.

Give us a call at (904) 342-3216 if you want to get your fair cash offer!

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