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5 Tips for Dealing with a Leaky Roof

January 12th, 2023

Dealing with a leaky roof is enough to give any homeowner a headache. And unfortunately, it’s a common problem we see – especially with older houses or homes that have not been cared for properly. Not to mention, living in Florida leaves you exposed to extreme weather conditions thanks to the humid, subtropical climate. So, today, our experts at Evergreen Home Buyers have compiled a list of 5 tips for dealing with a leaky roof so you can get the issue under control and carry on with your day.

1. Containing the Water Damage
The very first thing you’ll want to do when you realize you have a leaky roof is start containing the water damage. We recommend using tarps, towels, and buckets and replacing them as needed. You’ll also want to move personal items and furniture out of the way as much as possible so they don’t get destroyed and so you can assess the damage that the water has caused.

2. Removing the Water
Once you’ve contained the water damage, you will need to start removing the water as much as possible. The longer it sits in one place, the more destruction it will cause, meaning you should act swiftly and focus your efforts on where it’s pooled up the most. Removing the water will look different depending on your situation, but it’s best to get all hands on deck when dealing with water in your home.

3. Checking with Your Insurance
When something like extensive water damage from a leaky roof is threatening the integrity of your home, checking with your insurance to see if it’s covered is always a good idea. You’ll want to call your insurance company promptly to alert them to the issue and remember to document the situation by taking photos or videos from the beginning just in case you need to use them as proof in the claim.

4. Fixing the Roof
Realistically, no one can live in a home with a leaky roof for too long, meaning at some point you will have to look into fixing the roof. You might decide to hire someone else to do this, try to do it yourself, or you may be able to get insurance to pay for it. However, if this step is a problem for you, we do have an alternative option.

5. Selling to a Professional Home Buyer
If your home has more problems than it’s worth, with the leaky roof being the tip of the iceberg, you might consider selling to a professional home buyer such as ourselves. At Evergreen Home Buyers, we will purchase your home for cash AS IS, making the process entirely hands-off for you with no repairs, inspections, appraisals, or contingencies necessary. Plus, we can close in as little as two weeks! So, for a completely quick and painless way to sell your home for cash faster, visit today.

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