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5 Tips for Keeping Pests Away From Your Home

October 20th, 2022

As winter approaches and cooler weather prevails, you may find that pests begin to invade your home. Termites, cockroaches, mosquitoes, flies, ants, spiders, bed bugs, mice, and rats are among the most common invaders that homeowners in Jacksonville face. Unfortunately, each of these pests can cause damage to your property over time and even create health risks for those living there. That’s why our experts at Evergreen Home Buyers have compiled 5 tips for keeping pests away from your home so you can get your pest problems under control – fast!

1. Remove Any Food Sources
Crumbs on the floor or food scraps can be very attractive to ants or other pests. Therefore, you’ll want to be sure to remove any food sources that might be accessible to these critters. This includes correctly disposing of your food waste and closing off pet food to deter animals and insects and keep them away from your home.

2. Maintain and Inspect Your Home Regularly
Beyond being mindful of potential food sources for these pests, you’ll also want to maintain and inspect your home regularly, both inside and out. Keeping your yard orderly, cleaning your home regularly, and checking your crawl space frequently are excellent places to start. Furthermore, try to keep your home’s humidity at a suitable level, as excess moisture can attract pests like termites and mosquitoes.

3. Identify and Address Entry Points
As you’re doing your inspection, identify and address any entry points you find. You may be surprised to learn that pests like mice can squeeze through the smallest sized cracks – some even the size of a dime! When you notice these entry points, take immediate action. Plug larger holes with steel wool to deter pests from entering or you can seal smaller entry points with caulking to keep the rodents and insects out.

4. Consider Natural Deterrents
If you’re in a situation where pests have already begun to invade your home, it might be time to consider natural deterrents. There are tons of different suggestions for DIY pest control solutions, many of which involve household items you probably already have. For example, Irish Spring soap can repel mammal pests, such as mice, rabbits, and deer, while insects like aphids have an aversion to banana peels, and spiders don’t like onions. Beyond these specific examples, coffee grounds are an excellent option to repel various pests like wasps, snails, mosquitoes, and beetles.

5. Hire a Professional
If you’ve tried each of these proactive and reactive options to rid your home of pests to no avail, it might be time to hire a professional. Professional exterminators can come into your home and safely eliminate the pests at the source, so you’re left with a happy, healthy, and pest-free home.

Final Thoughts
Dealing with a pest problem can be frustrating, especially if you’ve addressed the issue several times and the pests keep coming back. However, beyond hiring a professional exterminator, there is another solution.

At Evergreen Home Buyers, we will purchase your home AS IS, making the process entirely hands-off for you with no repairs, inspections, appraisals, or contingencies necessary. So, for a completely quick and painless way to sell your home for cash faster, visit today.

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