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5 Tips to Declutter your House

September 20th, 2022

Living in a cluttered home can make it difficult to focus and leave you feeling overwhelmed. This is particularly true for homeowners hoping to sell or rent their property – they often think, ‘where do I even start?’ Well, whether you’re looking to declutter for a prospective tenant or buyer, or even if you’re just hoping to live in a more organized environment, our experts have compiled 5 tips to declutter your house so you can make headway without it being a long and arduous process.

1. Categorize Your Rooms
The first thing you’ll want to do is categorize your rooms from least to most cluttered. To do this, identify the ‘clutter hot spots’ while giving each room a score based on the level of organization. To avoid overwhelm, you’ll want to start with the easiest room and work towards the more cluttered areas. This helps you get into the cleaning flow while also tackling the smaller jobs first to build momentum.

2. Mentally Prepare for Purging
Unfortunately, there’s no way around the fact that if you’re looking to declutter, you’ll need to get rid of some stuff. Therefore, as you begin to make a game plan, you should also mentally prepare for the purging. Getting rid of personal things can be challenging, but remember, when decluttering your home, you need to let some things go to create a more livable space. As you go through each room, consider making certain piles that indicate what will happen with the items; for example, keep, donate, store, or trash.

3. Ask a Friend for Help
If you’re finding the purging process particularly difficult, you may want to ask a friend for help. Getting an outside opinion on your clutter helps you emotionally detach from the decisions you must make while increasing the manpower to get the job done more efficiently. Plus, a second opinion is great if you’re also reorganizing the flow of each room to appeal to prospective buyers or tenants. Your friend may have suggestions you never thought of that helps showcase the selling points of your home.

4. Purchase Storage Containers
As you declutter, you’ll most likely want to purchase storage containers for the stuff you want to keep but not display. Nowadays, storage container options are way more elegant than the traditional blue totes (although those are still great for basement or garage storage!), so we recommend getting creative. Some containers fit in with bookshelves or even act as a desk or nightstand – it all depends on your needs and the storage solutions you find.

5. Take Baby Steps
It’s important to remember that all this decluttering doesn’t need to happen in one day! Instead, take baby steps by spending just 30 minutes per day cleaning, and be sure to cross each room off your list as you complete them to stay motivated. You’ll be surprised at how quickly your home becomes decluttered by cleaning a little daily.

Final Thoughts
Now that you’ve gone room by room decluttering your home, your space should be more than ready for prospective tenants or buyers. However, if you’re overwhelmed by the amount of decluttering needed and don’t have the time or desire to address it, there is another option.

At Evergreen Home Buyers, we will purchase your home AS IS, making the process entirely hands-off for you with no repairs, inspections, appraisals, or contingencies necessary. So, for a completely quick and painless way to sell your home for cash faster, visit today.

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