Are you currently going through the probate process in Jacksonville?


Are you currently going through the probate process in Jacksonville? Or have you or your family not started the probate process because of:

1) how long you’ve been told probate takes;
2) you’ve been confronted by other investors;
3) you’ve been quoted by realtors, and
4) you’ve been approached by attorneys that require up front payment?

Probate is not the nightmare myth everybody has been through, when you have the right team.

Believe it or not, you can sell property quickly during the probate process. In fact, in Jacksonville, Clay County, Nassau County and St. Johns County, it is possible to get Probate Court Orders to allow the sale of property within 1 week.

While it is important to gather documents such as a Will, Death Certificate or other important financial documentation, contacting an attorney that understands how to provide a smooth and efficient probate process is vital. Not all investors are the same, and not all attorneys are the same. It is extremely important to work with professionals that will help you accomplish your goals.

We can help put you in touch with an attorney that does not require up front attorneys’ fees to get started. All that is required, are the payment of costs, which are generally $250 to $450. Should you not be able to afford the cost, WE can help pay those for you.

This means, you can put ZERO money down and you receive a lump sum amount at the closing of the property.

We’ve been able to help countless numbers of heirs in the past find an efficient solution for probate.

We’ll make you a fair cash offer AND help you get your inherited share of money you are entitled to.


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