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Did you relocate to Jacksonville City, but you didn’t really know the area?

April 13th, 2021

This is often the case. A person has to move for a job change or transfer, to be closer to family, retirement, or many other reasons. Their house sells quickly, and now the clock is ticking – time is not on their side.

Maybe there’s a family to get settled, children to enroll in school, movers to hire, or another adult needs to secure a job.

As a result, sometimes you discover after a while that your initial choice of a new home wasn’t the best one for you.

Here are some common reasons we hear for that…

  • The area is closer to the city than the buyer thought. You wanted something a little more trendy and urban, but this is not what you had in mind.

  • Or the opposite, you didn’t realize it was SO FAR out in the boonies! It’s way beyond the suburbs!

  • You didn’t research schools in all the rush, and you’ve discovered you’d like to be in a better school district.

  • Certain services you use regularly are too far away, like public transportation, medical offices or decent shopping.

  • There happens to be a landfill nearby, and it’s so close you can smell it. Not good.

  • The traffic! It was such a quaint area when you checked it out over a quick weekend, but it turns out the traffic doubles your commute, at least.

Whatever your reason, we can help at Evergreen Home Buyers. Call us at (904) 342-3216 for a fast fair offer on a not-for-you property, so you can find one that is!

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