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Feeling “spooked” by your basement or crawl space?

November 18th, 2020

Nobody likes a dark, dimly lit space, especially when it could be hiding issues in your home.

Sometimes we just don’t want to know.

But let’s face it, most of the major mechanical systems in a home are in these areas, and we just don’t like to go down there where the cobwebs, spiders and musty smells abound.

However, it’s not wise to just stick our heads in the sand, because current or potential issues won’t just go away on their own…

So, here are a few things you might do.

Go Down There – Go check out the basement or crawl space. Invest in some bright lighting, run a vacuum and check out your home’s mechanical systems.  Are the filters dirty? Is there any evidence of moisture where it shouldn’t be? Any problems with pests or insects that need to be addressed? Any cracks in the concrete floor or walls? Take stock and make a plan to address anything concerning that you find.

Hire A Professional – You can always hire a professional or two or three to do a thorough wellness check of these areas and the structure and systems located there.  It will cost you some money, but will provide the peace-of-mind that things are running as they should and that there’s nothing of concern that’s being overlooked.

Consider A Fresh Start - If it’s just too much to worry about or you suspect that there are problems that you don’t want to deal with, or don’t have the means to address, you might consider selling to a professional homebuyer, like us, at Evergreen Home Buyers.

We’ve worked with sellers in Jacksonville who have run up against repairs that are just too much to handle.  We can help. Give us a call at (904) 342-3216 and we’ll get things moving in the right direction with a fast as-is cash offer and a quick closing.

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