How to make sure you don’t get taken advantage of by a contractor in Jacksonville

We would love to buy your home but if you’re set on remodeling it yourself, we’ve got some free tips.

In Jacksonville there are a LOT of unscrupulous contractors, handyman, and subs who take advantage of people who aren’t experienced in managing construction.

You want to make sure that anyone who is working for you is bonded, insured, and has workman’s comp. Most “fly-by-night” operators in Jacksonville won’t have these set up.

You want to always be sure that you get a W9 and all other paperwork prior to a single $1 changing hands.

It’s significantly harder (if not impossible) to collect these items once they’ve been paid. The shady guys will do everything they can to try to slide out of getting a 1099 as they do not properly file their taxes.

We highly recommend looking up the owner of the company you’re hiring on the secretary of state’s business entity search. If you see multiple companies that have been stopped/started over the years this is a giant red flag.

Unscrupulous parties will set up an LLC and simply close it when they get sued. We have seen guys with 15 or more “companies” they’ve closed due to lawsuits over the years.

Always ask and check multiple references.

Lastly, get EVERYTHING in writing. If it’s not in writing it didn’t happen. We will be publishing a new post soon detailing how you should structure payment, as well as another one discussing the bidding process.
If you’d rather just sell for cash. We’re here for that too! :blush:

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