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If you’re selling a house for the first time (or heck… even for the second or third time), then you’re probably wondering what paperwork is required to sell your home.

September 15th, 2021

That’s a common question we get at Evergreen Home Buyers, where we’ve worked for many years in Jacksonville buying and selling real estate.

And since we’ve got a good bit of experience, we thought we’d help.

Here is the main paperwork you’ll need to worry about when selling your home.

Home Appraisal (from when you purchased the home)
Mortgage and Financing Documents
Original Sales Contract (from when you purchased the home)
Property Survey (if applicable)
Certificate of Occupancy (if applicable)
Tax Records
HOA Documents (if applicable)

Listing Agreement (if using a real estate agent)
Market Analysis & Marketing Materials (often done by real estate agent)
Easement Agreements (if applicable)
Statutory Disclosure Forms

Purchase Offer (made by potential buyer and/or their real estate agent)
Final Purchase & Sale Agreement (when offer is accepted)
Affidavit of Title
Transfer Tax Declarations
Estimated Closing Statement

Deed To Home
Release of Mortgage Lien
Title Report
Title Insurance
Warranty & Maintenance Receipts
Bill of Sale

We know that’s a lot of paperwork… but selling a home isn’t a walk in the park — there are a lot of moving parts to keep in mind.

You can get more details on each document by searching in Google.

And if you want to skip the hassle of selling your home the traditional way, give us a call at (904) 342-3216 and we’ll make you a fair cash offer!

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