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Is your real estate agent doing everything that they SHOULD be doing?

September 23rd, 2021

Unless you’re a real estate expert, it’s hard to know if the real estate agent you hired to help you sell your home is doing everything they’re supposed to be doing — are they working hard to help you? Or are they just catching a free ride to a commission check?

At Evergreen Home Buyers, we’ve bought and sold a lot of properties — and worked with a lot of real estate agents, for that matter.

We thought it might be helpful to list out some of the things one should expect a real estate agent to help with when selling a home… and if they’re not doing these things, then you might want to find a new agent…

Make Informed Suggestions — A real estate agent should be capable of making informed suggestions about pricing, staging, listing, and marketing the home. If they seem unsure about their suggestions, steer clear.

List & Market The Home — Think of the real estate agent as your personal salesperson who will help you sell your home. They should create an awesome listing of your property and market the home as well (open houses, showings, etc).

Negotiate — The real estate agent should also negotiate on your behalf (as well as offer negotiation suggestions) once you’ve got an offer.

Paperwork — And the real estate agent should take care of all the paperwork necessary to close your home. They should be your go-to resource for figuring out the next steps.

Hope that helps!

If you want to skip using a real estate agent altogether, then give us a call at (904) 342-3216 — we can make you a fair cash offer on your home and buy as-is!

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