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Someone promising to buy your house?

January 4th, 2021

Well, that’s awesome.

But remember, even the most well-intended promise (from a neighbor or family member, for instance) isn’t a guarantee unless they’ve signed a contract.

It’s unfortunate, but at Evergreen Home Buyers, we’ve worked with a lot of homeowners who counted on someone’s promise to buy their home. But they never did.

This wastes the seller’s time and money.

In fact, here are a few signs that someone isn’t serious about purchasing your property (regardless of what they say).

They Won’t Sign a Contract — If the person keeps promising to buy your house, but they won’t put pen to paper and sign a contract, that’s a very strong sign that they’re not taking it as seriously as you might hope. For your own sanity, we recommend not taking any offers seriously until they’re in writing.

They Always Have An Excuse — If the person always has an excuse as to why they can’t buy “quite yet” or they say to just “trust them”, that’s a pretty good sign that you SHOULDN’T trust them.

They Keep Asking You To Drop The Price — If the buyer keeps trying to negotiate the asking price lower and lower every time you talk to them, and they keep avoiding signing a contract, find another buyer.

So while it’s great that someone has promised to purchase your home, we recommend continuing to seek other avenues for selling.

That might include working with a real estate agent or a professional homebuyer. In fact, at Evergreen Home Buyers, we buy homes in Jacksonville for cash and we can close in as little as two weeks. Call us at (904) 342-3216 to learn more!

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