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Trying to figure out which types of doors to install in your house?

October 24th, 2021

The good news is that there are a lot of options — dutch doors, french doors, bifold doors, hinged doors, sliding doors, pocket doors, and so on.

But the bad news is the same: there are A LOT of options… and so it’s hard to choose.

At Evergreen Home Buyers, we’ve been making real-estate related decisions for quite a while now and, sometimes, those decisions have included which type of door to install in a property.

So we thought we’d pop by with some door-based advice.

Here’s a breakdown of the options based on door material!

Wood — Wood is the long-standing most popular choice for exterior doors, but some people are also using it indoors as well now. They’re easy to paint or tint, and they fit almost any style or decor. They’re also quite durable.

Steel — Steel doors are super durable and require very little upkeep to maintain. They also offer a modern aesthetic and are typically less expensive than wood doors.

Fiberglass — Like steel, fiberglass doors are super durable and require very little upkeep. They also provide good insulation and are resistant to dents. And they can be designed to match almost any aesthetic.

Aluminum — Aluminum doors are popular amongst people who want a modern aesthetic. They’re also very versatile and can be placed in different settings as well as work as exterior or interior doors.

Flush — Made from fiberboard or plywood, flush doors are very affordable and provide decent durability. They’re great for bathrooms or utility rooms.

Hope that helps!

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