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Want to install some carpet in your home?

January 3rd, 2022


But what type of carpet is the best to install? What are some of the main qualities to consider?

We thought we’d stop by with some advice to help. :)

Here are four terms that are important to understand when selecting carpet…

Density — This refers to the closeness of the threading in a carpet. More dense carpets are typically higher quality and last longer.

Fiber — This is the material that the carpet is made of. Common fibers include nylon, polyester, polypropylene, acrylics, wool, and sisal.

Pad — This refers to the layer underneath the carpet that serves as insulation and improves comfortability when walking on the carpet. It’s usually a thin pad of foam, fiber, or rubber.

Pile — This refers to the surface of the carpet and how the tufts of fiber are looped, cut, or uncut. This is primarily stylistic.

And here are four factors to consider…

Cleaning — How easy will the carpet be to clean? Go with a stain or soil-resistant carpet to make clean-up easier.

Room — Which rooms is the carpet going in? The most common rooms are bedrooms, living rooms, family rooms, playrooms, and dining rooms.

Pets — How pet-friendly is the carpet you’re choosing? If there are pets in the home, then this consideration matters a lot.

Underlayment — The underlayment of the carpet is what makes the carpet comfortable to walk on and increases its longevity. Check with the manufacturer to determine the best option!

That should set you off on the right foot!

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