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Where We Buy Homes in Jacksonville: Neighborhood Highlight (Part II)

May 24th, 2023

Interested in selling your Jacksonville home to a professional home buying company? Well, there’s something you should know. Home buying companies often focus on one specific neighborhood or area, but at Evergreen Home Buyers, we are not constrained by region or community. That’s right, at Evergreen Home Buyers, we purchase homes all across Jacksonville to flip, rent, lease, or sell, and your home could be next! So today, let’s look at where we buy homes in Jacksonville and provide a neighborhood highlight of each area so you can make an informed decision regarding your next real estate transaction.

Riverside & Avondale
Although technically two adjacent neighborhoods, Riverside & Avondale is known for its unique mixture of history, culture, charm, and modern design. You can stroll through the stunning tree-lined streets of historic Riverside or check out the world-class art collection at the Cummer Museum of Art and Gardens before heading to the 5 Points area to check out its innovative culinary scene. This region has been voted as one of the country’s top 10 great neighborhoods, and it’s also listed in the National Registry of Historic Places, making this a must-see area for those who like to enjoy history with a local, modern twist.

Originally a residential suburb, Brooklyn is now considered part of the downtown area and has over 100 years of historical significance. Although it’s included in Jacksonville’s central business district, it’s located along the St. Johns River, making it an excellent place to get active and enjoy nature. For example, the Northbank Riverwalk is a great walking or running track, and it also features the brand-new Corkscrew Park, which has a workout area and exercise ‘tree.’ You can also visit the Riverside Arts Market on Saturdays for goodies and souvenirs from local farmers and makers – there’s always something to do in Brooklyn!

Murray Hill
If you’re searching for a neighborhood where old meets new, the Murray Hill community could be ideal for you. With several historic features, such as the Murray Hill Theatre, intermingling with modern restaurants, boutiques, bottle shops, and other businesses, Murray Hill is quickly becoming one of the coolest neighborhoods in Jacksonville. You can enjoy its local parks, including Four Corners and Murray Hill Park, walk along Edgewood Avenue, or take in the neighborhood’s many murals, proving this area is the perfect combination of history, art, nature, and modern sensibilities.

Railyard District
The Railyard District is situated just minutes from downtown Jacksonville and gets its name from the rail yards located in the district that have been in operation since 1858. But don’t let that fool you – this area represents 4.5 miles of businesses that generate close to 3 billion dollars in sales. Comprised of both long-standing businesses, like Beaver Street Fisheries, Drummond Press, and Power and Pumps, and new businesses, like Eco Relics, Rethreaded, Engine 15 Brewery, and many more, this area is quickly becoming a regional destination for shoppers and visitors alike. It’s also home to the oldest continuously operating Farmer’s Market in Florida, established in 1938, and is visited by over 1 million people annually, only closing for Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Final Thoughts
Although we can give you a pretty good overview, we always recommend getting out and exploring these places for yourself! Especially if you plan on moving to one of these areas, it’s important to get the lay of the land to see what the community is all about. So, this made us wonder, out of the neighborhoods we’ve highlighted here, which were Riverside & Avondale, Brooklyn, Murray Hill, and the Railyard District, which will you be visiting first?

And as always, if you or someone you know is trying to sell your Jacksonville home AS IS for cash, reach out to our team at Evergreen Home Buyers. We make the process entirely hands-off for you, with no repairs, inspections, appraisals, or contingencies necessary. Plus, we can close in as little as two weeks! So, for a completely quick and painless way to sell your home for cash faster, visit today.

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